MORSE – Maastricht SDG Actors Network 2022

Powered by UM MORSE, the Lab of UNU-MERIT,  SBE Organisation, Strategy and Entrepreneurship (OSE), UCM Maastricht Research Based Learning (MaRBLe), Mondiaal Maastricht and SDG House Maastricht.

If you have any questions/contributions, contact: Dr. Serdar Turkeli or Dr. Sergio Páramo

Our platform FUSIO-n close beta is a minimal functional design for upstream phase of scientific activities. It is an ePlatform for setting up further collaborations among scientists, researchers, and other productive profiles from public administration, industry, civil society in Maastricht, Limburg and beyond. Please visit and register through Log-in (


This network is based on the UCM MaRBLe Project conducted by Carolina ALDAMA DEWIT and Lea DAHLKE (2022) to investigate UM’s role in meeting the SDGs, and by Lucia Moreira, Joël Beuerle (2019).


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Funded/Sponsored by UCM Maastricht Research Based Learning (MaRBLe) (UGR 3001), the Lab of UNU-MERIT, UM MORSE, Mondiaal Maastricht.

MaRBLe is a university-wide initiative that allows ambitious students to conduct their own independent academic research on a wide variety of topics under the guidance of a senior researcher at different faculties of the university.


Earlier reports:

Report 2019
Lucia Moreira and Joël Beuerle (2019)


Master of Science Theses on the topic

Scheren J. (2018). Triple Helix and United Nations Sustainable Development Goals: the Case of Maastricht University. Master’s thesis, UNU-MERIT/MGSoG Maastricht University, Maastricht, The Netherlands, 75 pages, Supervisor: Dr. Serdar Türkeli

Straatsma, C. (2018). Education for Peace and Sustainability at Maastricht University: A Student Perspective, Bachelor thesis, University College Maastricht, Maastricht University, The Netherlands, 74 pages, Supervisor: Dr. Serdar Türkeli